Uniplast Tile Adhesive is a wonderful mixture of cement, polymer and natural mineral and other aggregate to produce adhesive when mix with water. For installation of small and medium tile on floor for interioronly. It is a fantastic product in single packing with unique features and advantages. It is easy to apply and can be carried out by an ordinary labour.

Uniplast Glass Mosaic Adhesive (Multipurpose)

Uniplast polymer modified thin set adhesive for interior and exterior installation of ceramic, vitrified tiles, stone quarry, glass mosaic tiles, paver, bricks, when mixed with water it has a convenient open time and high adhesion and workability.

Uniplast Multipurpose Adhesive (Advanced)

Uniplast Multipurpose Adhesive (Advanced) is premium floor and wall thin set adhesive to be mixed with water or latex for installation of medium and large format tile vitrified tiles, marble and stone on floors and walls. When mixed with create admix for improve performance or with Uniplast flexible admix for use in plywood applications.

Uniplast Super Platinum / Stone Adhesive

A wonderful mixture of cement, silica and different polymers for installation of ceramic, vitrified tiles, stones, Quarry tiles, pavers and bricks on facades. It is flexible to handle structural movement and can take on extreme weather conditions. When mixed with water it has long open time with unsurpassed adhesion and workability.