Tile clear

Uniplast Tile Cleaner Is A High - Quality Repid Active Cleaner And Degreasing Solution That Works Effectively On Tiles, Bathtubs, Wash Basins, Privy Basins, Concrete, Etc. Whitish Sports And Layers, Which Are After Seen Under Plastic And Metal Buckets Placed In The Bathroom, Cannot Be Removed With Normal Detergent Uniplast Tile Cleaner Removes Then Easily. It Can Remove White / Yellow Spots And Layers Repidly, As Well As Water Stains Over Tiles, Cement Stains, Grime, Oil, Paint Stains, Grease, Moss And Wax From Concrete, Asbestos, Terrazzo And Ceramics. It Is Ideal For Cleaning The Surface Of Floors In Kitchens, Bathrooms, Garages, Factories, General Building Sites, Etc. Where Efficient Cleaning Is Necessary. It Is Also Excellent Solution For Cleaning The Surface Before The Application Of Epoxy Products And Degreasing Tiles In Bathrooms, Toilets, Wash Basins, Etc.

CP. Cleaner

Uniplast C.P Cleaner an Effective cleaner designed for C.P fitting. Which develop due to hard water. Must clean with ample water after use of cleaner.

Cut Fast Remover

Cutfast is an chemicals based cleaner which can be used to remove grout epoxy and Epoxy adhesive from tiles, hard water deposits and other hard stains from tile and stone surface, Cutfast can be used in interior as well as exterior applications.